Friday, June 23, 2006

No need to pray for Superman folks...

It's a stellar achievement. I can finally exhale. More thorough thoughts on this and other 2006 releases when the site gears back up next month. But I had to at least comment briefly:

The negative reviews will attempt to single out bad casting (true in one, MAYBE two cases - but the two principles work quite wonderfully), poor conception (as a partner to the first two films, and a jumping off point for the rest of the series, the conception is just right in my view) and perhaps even lack of emotional connectivity in the romance (an absurd notion, as this very complicated emotional story plays out exactly as it should - there is no romance here, folks...not yet). The one bit I read regarding a lack of action was certainly out of left field, as there are set pieces galore, and plenty to write home about.

Anyway, this isn't the Superman film I wanted in full, but it's a damn fine effort and a better than average outing all around. If it doesn't take you back to childhood, something might be wrong.