Monday, February 10, 2014

Amazing Advances In Neuroscience

English: Drawing of the human brain, from the ...

The human brain is one of, if not the least, understood item on the human body. Despite our inability to crack all of the codes of the human brain, it's amazing to look back on some of the advancements we have made in understanding the brain. Here are some of the most important advances in the history of neuroscience.
  • Camilo Golgi and Santiago Ramon y Cajal discover through a unique staining method and Cajal discovers the brain is made of individual nerve cells which he deems "neurons".
  • Paul Broca discovers the left frontal lobe is responsible for speech through examining a series of damaged brains. He is the first to understand that the brain has areas with specilized function.
  • In 1906 Alois Alzheimer gives a lecture on his findings on Alzheimers, as he sees symptoms in patients with plaques and tangles in their brains and lays out the defining characteristics.
  • Walter B. Cannon coins the term "fight or flight" after discovering the physiological affects of stressful situations.
  • Medical imaging devices like PET scans, CAT scans and MRIs allow previously unheard of ability to monitor the activity of the brain.
What other major advances should be on this list?

-Provided by Lansing Neurosurgery.