Friday, December 29, 2017

Evolution of the Order Picker

If you've ever worked in a warehouse, there's a good chance you've come across an order picker. These machines are often referred to as cherry pickers or selectors, and they've seen some significant changes over the years. Let's take a quick look at these machines to understand what they are used for and how they've become an integral part of many warehouses across the globe.

What is an order picker?

order picker forklift
An order picker is a type of forklift (also known as a lift truck) used to fill individual orders. These orders are either piece-part or case picks, as opposed to full pallet loads. So, for example, you might see a standard forklift scoop up an entire pallet of let's say, blenders, while an order picker would be used to select an individual boxed blender. Make sense? 

Order pickers are electric, as they're used indoors. More recent models have really pushed the envelope on the battery life for these machines, as some models are now able to work through multiple shifts on a single charge, greatly increasing the productivity of the warehouses where these machines are used.

Where are order pickers used?

Order pickers are used in warehouses that have multiple levels of items, and are particularly handy for locations with three levels or more. Traditionally, in these sorts of warehouses the solution to these sorts of picks was to use a rolling ladder. Obviously, this had some drawbacks (safety being a big one), so the order picker has become the new standard. Many models can now reach heights of over 30 feet, allowing for much better use of vertical space and increasing the efficiency of the modern warehouse.

Given the explosion of SKUs in modern retail, it's important for warehouses to be able to stock a huge variety of items, making order pickers essential to the present and future of the material handling world.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Unique Ideas For Promotional Swag

Often when attending a long, technical trade conference, one of the most enjoyable parts of the event can be the so-called swag bag. While many trade shows do not have the bluster or budget to meet the standards of Oscar night bags, you can find great ways to get your promotional material out into the eye of the visitors at your conference, and they can have memorable fun the process.

One of the best ways to get your business's name out in front of prospective clients is to put it on something they will use every day. You need to find a balance between something that is cool and functional, and still something on which people are willing to carry a brand name. A nice watch is something a customer might wear all the time, but probably not something on which they will want your logo. Pens are a dime a dozen, and they end up in communities where you don't do business. You want to find something unique, and you will want to make certain your logo is prominent, but not overbearing.

usb thumb drive
One popular suggestion is a mobile phone charger, or a USB drive, especially if you are in a technical field. Those are both items folks use every day, often for business, and take with them when they travel. Its also something of which many are glad to have an extra.

Seasonal items are also popular. Sunglasses are great in the summer. Earmuffs or stocking caps are great in winter. This is especially important if you want other attendees asking people where they got that great umbrella, because they did not think to bring one to a conference in Seattle.

Quick, tasty snacks are another fantastic item, especially if you mainly want your clients' attention just during the conference. The dark chocolate or tasty snack bar that got them through the boring presentation before lunch might just do the trick. Also, local specialty items are often a hit. Think Georgia peanuts or California wine.

Eco-friendly items are very often appreciated, especially if your attendees are likely to be those most concerned about the environment. Reusable water bottles, flower seeds, or a live plant for their hotel room are some great ideas.

No matter what you do, remember, simple, usable, and fun are the key words to remember when putting together promotional material for a swag bag.